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2020-2021 programming


Turbine offers a series of artistic creation workshops for groups of all ages. Come learn how to model in 3D with Jules Deslandes in the Virtual Exhibition workshop or to do Performance and Storytelling with the artist Veronica Mockler. Textile art workshops, image manipulation and virtual reality are also available.

The activities we offer are aimed at institutions wishing to offer these activities in their institution during their 2019-2020 programming. Hosted by artist-trainers, these workshops are designed to introduce you to today's artistic practice by living a personal creation experience while learning new techniques. The animators of the Turbine center move with the necessary equipment and animate the workshop in your premises. The duration of the activity and the number of participants is adaptable. By offering workshops outside its walls, the Turbine Center wishes to share contemporary art practices with the different communities of Quebec.

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