Equipment fee

Digital photo camera: Nikon Coolpix S200, 7 megapixels (can be used for video) $10 per day.
Dictaphone: Sony, ICD UX70, MP3 recording, USB stick) $ 7 per day
Lapel microphone Olympus (mono) $ 4 per day
Headphones ) $ 3 per day
Full kit (Camera, dictaphone, lapel microphone, headphones and carriage case - 17 kits are
$ 20 per day
Please note that a minimum of 8 kits must be rented in order to benefit from these fees.


 DJing/VJing equipment

Turning table: Numark TT200
Mixer :
Vestax VMC-002XLu
DJ Software and production system: torq conectiv
Software and digital vinyl: Ms Pinky
Headset: Sennheiser
Loudspeaker: Studiophile AV40 (M-Audio)
Digital projector: NEC NP64 – 3000 lumens (very small, very light, and excellent image quality)
Set of DJing/VJing equipment (without the digital projector): 125$ per day
Digital projector: 40$ per day